Tradition updated.

The process used to create Gold’n Glass pieces was initially developed by Rana Farhan and Majid Jelveh for gilded glass and mirrors displayed in the most prestigious buildings around the world. These techniques have now become the most beautiful artwork for Gold’n Glass.

Rana apprenticed with Ostad Ahmari to become one of the most accomplished miniature painters of Twentieth Century in Iran, and after moving to New York in 1989 she mastered gold gilding. You may know her for her Music, but she’s a magnificent painter and gilder.

She painstakingly gilds each one of these sand carved and digitally printed low iron glasses, with Gold and Platinum in several layers in a variety of exclusive techniques, to have various degrees of translucency and reflectivity.

This first collection of four mirrors, made for cultural celebrations, is derived from “Gol-o-Morgh” (Birds & Flowers) masterpiece miniatures by Rana herself. You can see the images of these priceless original miniatures here.

Each one of these pieces, are produced in limited edition of five and are signed & numbered by the artist and come framed with the magnificent Black Walnut Frame, custom made for each, with the hardware that can alter to be wall mounted or with a stand for surface display.


History and culture.

A Persian miniature is a richly detailed miniature painting which depicts religious or mythological themes from the region of the Middle East now known as Iran. The art of miniature painting in Persia flourished from the 13th through the 16th centuries, and continues to this day, with several contemporary artists producing notable Persian miniatures. These delicate, lush paintings are typically visually stunning, with a level of detail which can only be achieved with a very fine hand and an extremely small brush.

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